My first road trip from St. Louis to Orlando took me almost 1,500 miles through 6 states over 4 days and 3 nights. I have already seen a roommate from undergrad and two from Grad School. Needless to say, I got off to a FAST start. The goal of all the miles of course was to outrun the snow. I did outrun it (sort of…more to come on that later). Although the Orlando crowd has been a little disappointed in the recent “cold” front, I can happily say this is much warmer than where I was just a little over a week ago.

Let me get back on track though. As I considered the best ways to sum up my first road trip, it took me some time to decide. I certainly learned a lot on this first trip. Most importantly that I am not a bad solo road tripper (certainly not something that is for everybody), but it was also good to drive the last segment with a good friend. I was actually wishing there was more daylight to explore on the longest segment of my ride. There were a few oversights along the way…purchasing a CD more recently than 2008 may have been a good idea. I was reminded of those 12 months that I was actually semi into music…hello Toby Keith, Akon, James Blunt. My spontaneity also led me to a road closure, so I will have to visit the Trail of Tears museum another time. All in all it was a good trip and the best way to sum it up is to show you 12 pictures from the road…

I don’t know how it did, but everything fit in the Sentra. You can even see through the windows out the other side.
Didn’t quite make it to the Trail of Tears Museum.
This may be the rockiest road I travel on all year. The “gravel” was the size of baseballs.
Flood waters were seen far too often in MO. This picture from a town just outside of Portageville where I stayed for the first night of my journey.
A lot to see in Memphis where I stopped for a few hours. This was the site of MLK’s assassination.
I’ve have spent many a days at the Cardinal’s major league stadium as well as the AA stadium in Springfield, so it was good to see the home of the AAA club.
Hopped off of 55 for awhile to drive the two lane roads. Well worth the extra time it added.
Real nice spot to eat in Jackson, MS. This was the view from the table.
Landed in Bay Minette for the second hometown of a roomate on the trip.
brent beach
So I cheated a little since this is 2 photos, but the before and after water shots were too good to leave out.
The view from the passenger seat on the last segment of the journey, when I actually got to be the passenger for awhile.
Landing in Orlando of course meant heading to Disney World immediately. Although this was the next morning, it was the perfect cap on an exciting road trip.