The number 12 shows up across our lives in many ways. It is often the number of eggs, roses or donuts one buys. It has biblical and historical significance, but the reason I originally chose the number 12 was because it represents the number of months in our calendar.

The focus of my journey will be the 12 months of the calendar year. Traveling across the country, my travels will be broken up by the months in the year. From month to month, my life will change dramatically as I move from city to city. It is through this blog that I hope to chronicle these changes and the IMPACT they have not just on my own life, but the lives of others.

There are certainly many travel bloggers out there who have shared their journeys from country to country, and I have enjoyed reading many as I have prepared for my journey. Although I will also share my travel stories through this blog, I hope to also share stories about MAKING AN IMPACT in each city. For me this is through a simple number. It may not be that way for everyone, but the number makes it tangible. It provides me with a goal. 12 Months, 12 Cities, 12 Hours, 12 Miles….