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Why you should occasionally road trip with no plan…

As I write this post, I just received a text “What’s your plan this week?” The short answer is…no plan. I will certainly admit that there is a great deal of planning involved with traveling around the country in your Sentra for a year, but it is the days that I leave unplanned that make me thankful I have this opportunity. Think back to the last trip you took and consider all the planning that went in to it. Now imagine Continue reading “Why you should occasionally road trip with no plan…”

Where do you stay?!? 12 things you should know about housesitting…

One of the first questions I get asked on my road trip is “Where are you staying?” If you ask me this question, be prepared to grab a chair and hunker down for at least a good 5 minutes. I have now slept in 12 different locations this year. Each one has come about in a unique way and no stay has been anywhere close to the same. One of the ways I have avoided “bumming” my way around the country is through housesitting. Housesitting is as it sounds…you sit (stay) in someone’s house while they are away. The trade off is mutual for both parties. The sitter gets a free place to stay and the owner does not have to worry about their house, pets, plants, etc. being uncared for while they are gone. After I mention housesitting for “random” people around the country, the questions come flowing. Here are 12 things you should know about housesitting for someone you have never met…

12 Things You Should Know About Housesitting Continue reading “Where do you stay?!? 12 things you should know about housesitting…”

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