The Impact of 12

How much of an IMPACT can you make in 12 Months on the road?



From Forest to Furnace with Warmth for Wake

Physiological needs are the basic human needs that should be met first. They include food, water, breathing, sleep, and shelter from the elements. Some might phrase shelter from the elements as warmth. There are a lot of volunteer opportunities geared towards meeting the food and water portion of these physiological needs, but on a Saturday in Raleigh I worked with an organization that was geared towards helping individuals meet their basic need for shelter from the elements. More specifically…warmth.

I often try to keep an open mind going in to my volunteer events and enjoy hearing about the organization directly from the people involved, so I had just a general idea of what we would be doing when I pulled up. As soon as I pulled on to the property where we would be working, I noticed Continue reading “From Forest to Furnace with Warmth for Wake”

From rows of veggies to rows of undies…community service can take many forms

As you probably figured out, I fell behind my 3 hours every weekend pace in Georgia as I bounced around to different cities and focused on visiting friends and seeing the sights. I knew I would have a few weeks in Raleigh where I knew fewer people and could spend some more time focusing on my community service goal. To catch up this past Saturday, I attended two community service events. The two events were just a little different in nature… Continue reading “From rows of veggies to rows of undies…community service can take many forms”

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