Traveling the country will be an unbelievable experience, but I am the most excited about the opportunity to make a difference. My 12 miles campaign is one of the ways I hope to make a difference over the next 12 months. So how does this work?

Over the course of the 12 months, I will travel quite a few miles. I am pledging to donate $1.00 for every 12 miles I travel (up to 12,000 miles). If I make it the entire journey, I should surpass 12,000 miles and end up donating $1,000 to charity. For the first 6 months, I will be raising money for the Alzheimer’s Association. You can find my donation page here:


Shout out to the donors we already have on board!! Donations are for every 12 miles traveled…

DOLLAR CLUB: Matthew Phillips

HALF DOLLAR CLUB: Fan Interactive Marketing

QUARTER CLUB: Tom and Sharon

DIME CLUB: Brad and Jane; Patti; Jamie, Loren and Gage; Trish and Rick; Linda, Sue

NICKEL CLUB: Pam and Sean, Maria, Mike and Lisa, Patti, Rick

PENNY CLUB (Just a $10 Donation!): Monika, Beth, Grace, Phyllis, Matt, Neil and Judy, Bobby, Ryan, K-Webb

How can you help make an impact? There are 2 options:

  1. Visit my page (The IMPACT of 12 Miles) and make a donation. A donation of just $10.00 will put you in the PENNY CLUB. A donation of $50.00 will put you in the NICKEL CLUB.
  2. Make a pledge to donate at the end of 6 months (money will go towards finding a cure for Alzheimer’s through the Alzheimer’s Association) or at the end of my trip to a charity to be named later. A pledge of just 1 penny for every 12 miles (up to 12,000 miles) will result in a $10 donation in December or a $5 donation in June.

Thanks in advance for your support!