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Second Half FUNraiser: Checkers on The Shortest Day for the American Heart Association

It is hard to believe I have just 1 month left in my journey. The trip has been an amazing experience. The second half seems to somehow have flown by even faster than the first half. After such a great event at The Longest Day, I unfortunately pushed my blog and my fundraising to the back burner. With just one month left, I will put forth my very best effort to reach my fundraising goal for the second half of the year just as we did for the first. It will not be easy, but with your help we can do it!

For the second half of the year, I will be raising money for the American Heart Association. The first half was in honor of Grandpa Harry and the second half will be in honor of Grandpa Jack. This time I will be playing Checkers (a game I learned from Grandpa Jack) for an entire day on The Shortest Day of the year. I chose the Shortest Day of the year because heart attacks can shorten the lives of those we love. I have officially surpassed 12,000 miles, so I will be donating the full $1,000 to charity on the year (this is $1.00 for every 12 miles). You can read more about my second half campaign and donate directly at my donation page here:

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Shout out to the donors we already have on board!! Donations are for every 12 miles traveled…I know I am missing some people (apologies)!

DOLLAR CLUB: Matthew Phillips

HALF DOLLAR CLUB: Fan Interactive Marketing

QUARTER CLUB: Tom and Sharon

DIME CLUB: Brad and Jane; Patti; Jamie, Loren and Gage; Trish and Rick; Linda, Sue

NICKEL CLUB: Pam and Sean, Maria, Mike and Lisa, Patti, Rick

PENNY CLUB (Just a $10 Donation!): Monika, Beth, Grace, Phyllis, Matt, Neil and Judy, Bobby, Ryan, K-Webb

How can you help make an impact? There are 2 options:

  1. Visit my page (The IMPACT of 12 Miles) and make a donation. A donation of just $10.00 will put you in the PENNY CLUB. A donation of $50.00 will put you in the NICKEL CLUB.
  2. Make a pledge to donate at the end of my journey (money will go towards the American Heart Association). A pledge of just 1 penny for every 12 miles (up to 12,000 miles) will result in a $10 donation in December.

Thanks in advance for your support!

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Fishing with Family on The Longest Day to #ENDALZ

The Longest Day is an event to raise funds and awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association. This unique event is held annually, on or near, the summer solstice. The longest day of the year was chosen to honor those living with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers, for whom every day is the longest day. This past year I fished all day on The Longest Day in celebration of my Grandpa Harry who battled Alzheimer’s during the last years of his life. Fishing is something he taught me and an activity I enjoyed sharing with him. This is my exact replica of the events with complete precision. I’d tell you to close your eyes so you can feel like you were there, but it might be tough to continue reading…


11:26 AM – You finally depart for the lake. Behind schedule as usual.

11:32 AM – The cat is moved to the back seat as he clearly can’t handle riding in the front. Meowing subsides. Continue reading “Fishing with Family on The Longest Day to #ENDALZ”

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